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3 Questions for Maria Soledad Commissio, Teacher-Researcher in ECAM Engineering Program

February 21st, 2017

Maria Soledad Commissio joined the teaching team at ECAM Lyon in September 2016. Originally from Argentina, she holds a doctorate in Mechanics and teaches mechanics, chemistry and materials science to the brand-new ECAM Engineering class, whose students complete their degree program entirely in English. She also pursues her research at LabECAM with the Materials and Structures Group.  


You’ve traveled throughout the world for your studies and career. Tell us about your journey.

I’m originally from Argentina, where I studied engineering at the National University of Mar Del Plate. Afterwards, I received a PhD in industrial engineering at the University of Seville in Spain and then went on to Insa in Lyon to complete my postdoc. My research allowed me to pursue internships in biomechanics in Australia and Japan—very enriching experiences! Since September I’ve given mechanics, chemistry and materials science courses to the brand-new ECAM Engineering class that debuted this fall.

You easily juggle English, Spanish, and French. In your opinion, are there enough foreign-language courses provided in engineering studies?

An engineering degree program completed entirely in English makes its students considerable assets when entering the job market. English levels should indeed be improved in French higher education because companies require young graduates with linguistic fluency. In the ECAM Engineering program, both students and professors are of different nationalities, which allows for great diversity and a unique teaching environment.

What would like to convey to your future students?

It’s interesting to observe the different pedagogical approaches among my Chinese, French, or Syrian teaching colleagues. In Argentina, students and their professors are very close and I’ve discovered a similar availability and willingness to support students at ECAM Lyon. Also, my research in the mechanical characterization of materials is always pushing me to innovate and stay connected to the latest advances in my field…and, as such, to update constantly my teaching. The student-engineers are the first to benefit.