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ECAM featured on Alternance industry site

June 19th, 2017

Apprenticeship, professionalisation, alternance training, job training … it is sometimes difficult to find one way between the different ways of introducing work-study in the company. The different types of alternating contract differ according to the objectives of vocational training, the age of the candidates and the level of diplomas at the entrance to the training program. Apart from a few institutional websites, the availability of online guidance and information is concentrated today mainly on content financed by training organizations to highlight their programmes to potential candidates, usually young people in search of apprenticeship training.

Most on-line information offering targeted at candidates seeking work-based training. a new website,, has just launched with contents designed for employers and business decision-makers considering the introduction of work-study programs. is positioned as a resource site entirely devoted to the alternance in all its forms to help companies. The site offers informative contents detailing the contracts and allowing to compare the methods of application of the learning and professionalisation for the company.

ECAM Lyon’s Alternance Profile

Renewed regularly with original content, allows to follow the news of recruitment, employment and vocational training. The site also publishes profiles of training organizations offering alternate programs. It provide an outline of the training courses offered by ECAM. As such, ECAM Lyon has a completely new dedicated profile that presents our school and outlines the content of our alternance courses in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering Engineering, Energy Engineering, Operation and Maintenance and Wood Engineering , and also Construction, Energy, Trading. The site provides news about ECAM.  Click here to view the ECAM profile!

Host Families for Foreign Students

February 2nd, 2017

Each year, ECAM Lyon hosts new foreign students within the framework of academic mobility and, more recently, in the context of the ECAM Engineering program launch. Today, they represent 10% of the youngest students on campus, a figure that should rise rapidly.

Both to foster their immersion in French culture and facilitate their stay, a host family program has been organized. Families living near campus have agreed to offer students, far from home, a comforting, attentive environment. Engineers, graduates of ECAM, are involved in this program.

First-Year ECAM Engineering Students Visit Turin

January 30th, 2017

First-Year ECAM Engineering Students Visit Turin

ECAM Engineering is a dual-degree program: each student engineer completes the ECAM Lyon general engineering degree and a Master of Science in Robotics or Industrial Design at a corresponding partner university. They spend the 4th year of their studies in the United Kingdom or in Italy: at Staffordshire (robotics concentration) or at Politecnico di Torino (industrial design concentration).

31 first-year ECAM Engineering students participated in the “Polito Orientation Week,” from November 2nd to 6 th. The program involved: getting to know the university, visits to companies (Alessi Italian design factory; Aurora, pen production) and cultural outings (Operae Design Independent Fair, National Automobile Museum, Cinema Museum, Mole Antonelliana, …)

  • Presentation on Polito di Torino by Pier Paol, a design professor
  • Visit to one of the Alessi company’s production lines
  • Visit to the National Automobile Museum

Visit of the National Automobile Museum
Visit of the National Automobile Museum