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Finals for the Campus Création Competition

June 30th, 2017

2017 presents a historic year for ECAM Lyon as they have qualified for the final round in several categories for the regional innovation competition, Campus Création. Next May 4th, the school’s student-engineers will defend their GPS tracking device for hikers project that they developed in the context of Practical Work requirements.

The Competition

Each year, the Campus Création competition brings university students from the Rhône-Alpes region together into multidisciplinary teams. The objective is to introduce them to entrepreneurship by creating fictional companies. For 6 months, the students are asked to create, imagine, and develop this project. Each team must defend their work in front of a professional jury, who will vote for the best work in each category.

Starting in their first year as a student-engineer, ECAM Lyon gives its students guidance in their entrepreneurial undertakings, whether it be through competitions or academic courses. The school allows students to develop their projects from the first idea to the final product; ECAM is happy to have guided its team this year in the Campus Création competition

The BSafe Project

During their fourth year, all student-engineers in the ECAM Arts et Métiers program complete an innovation project in teams: The Léonard Project. This year, one of the teams wanted to participate in the Campus Création Competition. The four team members got together with 2 student-designers from the Martinière and decided to represent BSafe. This company has developed a mobile application that lets hikers—or any person who feels in danger—give their geographical location to their friends and family. Using this idea, the student team made a simple observation: cell phones have limited autonomy. To ensure fully the users’ security, they invented a GPS tracking device with an autonomous energy source, that, with the simple push of a button, permits hikers to send a distress signal from their GPS location to emergency services. This device also includes a back-up emergency battery, charged by the hikers’ movements, so that they can alert their family and friends at any time.

ECAM Lyon Makes Finals in the Parcours Campus Category

After presenting their project in front of a jury on April 13th, the BSafe team was chosen as one of 12 finalists out of almost one hundred participating teams. Thomas Damart, a 4th-year student in the ECAM Arts et Métiers program is very proud of this competition:

“We chose to participate in the Campus Création adventure because it gave us a great chance to learn about, without risking anything, the entrepreneurial world.  We would like to thank all the people who helped us with this project: Thibault Champigny and Yoann Poulet (students in ECAM Arts & Métiers), Mr. Dominique Hubert, Ms. Christine Billon-Lanfray, and Ms. Pellisson (professor at the Martinière). On behalf of our group, we are very proud to be the first team to represent the school in the final competition.”