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More Students Attracted to Experiences Abroad

May 4th, 2017

While they were only a dozen 10 years ago, 139 ECAM Arts et Métiers student engineers have submitted applications to the International Education Office for a study-abroad year or semester, a figure that reflects this generation’s great inclination to discover the world. After graduation, more than 28% of our young engineers start their career abroad (compared to the average of 18% among engineering schools in France).

Faced with these young people’s growing request, ECAM Lyon makes it a priority to offer them quality partner universities. Today, the school  has 45 partnerships, which are spread over 24 countries and 5 continents.

The pedagogical team is very attentive to the quality of projects that students wish to work on while abroad. The team chooses its candidates based on their academic results, language level, and motivation. The applications accepted by the school are sent to the institution abroad that makes the final decision on admission. At the end of the selection process, 60% of the 2019 class of ECAM Arts et Métiers students will travel for an academic term.

Each student going abroad benefits from the support of an ECAM advising professor for academic questions and supervision by the International Education Office for administrative questions.