The 2014-2015 school year was the year of independence for the ECAM Lyon rugby XV as they untied their links with the ESDES and ISARA schools. To defend their school colors, 35 students from ECAM teams 1 to 5 played against the other Lyon schools and universities. As of today, the team stands unbeaten and is at the top of their group.

The ECAM team in the Bubble Bump Tournament Finals!

This year, Bump Lyon and the sporting complex IPLAY organised the Superbubble inter-school championship for Bubble Bump.

Bubble what?

Well, Bubble Bump is “nearly football” and you play with “nearly all your body” protected by an air bubble for fun, laughs, bumps, and all sorts of sporting enjoyment! Anyone can try Bubble Bump – men, women, of any age and whether you are sporty or not. (Official Bubble Bump website)

Review of the ecamian performance

Since March, each participating school has held tournaments in order to find their winning team. The ECAM Lyon students (there were even some female participants!)  formed 8 teams and played against each other in some exciting matches! This great event and fantastic atmosphere lead the “Vieilles Bulles” team to qualify for the finals which took place in Saint Priest at the beginning of June.

Latest news: The “Vieilles Bulles” team won the inter-school Bubble-Bump  tournament by beating the CPE team 3 to 1.

Shell Eco Marathon Club

The oil company Shell has now been organizing their Shell Eco Marathon for 30 years. It is a challenge defying the best Engineering schools and Universities around the world to achieve one objective: to build a vehicle capable of traveling the longest distance possible on 1 liter of fuel.

This club, which was created in 1996, comprises 20 enthusiastic students from across the whole school and represents ECAM Lyon in the competition. With its prototypes, the club demonstrates the know-how, innovative skills and dedication to sustainable development of the ECAM students.

Return from the 2015 Shell Eco Marathon

It’s over! The Shell Club left Rotterdam on Sunday 24th May at 2pm, after an exhausting week in the company of more than 2000 students from all over Europe.

We registered a level of 297 km/m3 (hydrogen gas), which is the equivalent in energy of approximately 1000 Km/L of petrol. This gave us 8th position out of the 21 teams in the hydrogen prototype category.

Unfortunately, the school record remains unbroken (1400km/l) despite having a fuel cell with lower consumption than before. In any case, the good news is that the vehicle is now very reliable and operates without any dangerous breakdowns!

Enormous thanks go to the professors who gave us the benefit of their help and wisdom for this project as well as to our technician Louis Bartholomé who helped us considerably with the machining of the mechanical parts we needed.

28/05/15 – Update:  the ECAM Lyon team has won the Michelin competition for the best Students Days video of 2015.

Their film is therefore to become the official video of the 2015 Michelin Students Days. Very well done to them for finishing the year so well! Take a look for yourself