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The statutes and characteristics of the ECAM Foundation


Founded in 1900, ECAM Lyon is a School of Engineering and has been run by a Publically Recognized Foundation since 1977..


Governing Body

The ECAM Foundation Board of Directors:


• 4 founding members: the ECAM engineers Association, the Brotherhood of Christian schools, the Lyon Catholic University, CECAM

• 2 official members: the Ministry of Higher Education, the Interior Ministry

• 4 ex-officio members : IUMM, FNTP, CCI Lyon, IPL

• 7 physical members from the business world

• Permanent Guest Members :

2 staff representatives from the CEDP

2 student representatives (president of the student-engineers’ association, 1 student-engineer delegate)

The Board of Directors manages and runs the ECAM Lyon establishment and carries out other missions assigned to it: training the engineers, research and development activities, continuing education, providing housing for the student engineers. The Board meets three times during the university year:

• in November-December, when it looks at a report on the return to school after the summer (recruitment, timing, installation), the development of programs, hours and teaching as well as material issues following maintenance work or renovation carried out over the summer break.

• in February-March, when it examines the accounts from the previous financial year as well as the provisional budget. It takes decisions regarding work to be carried out the following summer.

• in June-July, when it looks at the results from the graduating and other classes, development projects for the next university year, recruitment of staff and any operational changes.

It may also be asked to review any project presented by the school management and to take the necessary decisions.