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An educational project in tune with the times

The Lasallian pedagogical approach is based on the educational, teaching and spiritual instincts of Saint Jean-Baptiste de La Salle. It forms the basis of the educational contract that links and guides the school staff, the families and the students in the quest for a common goal: the development of the young person as a whole, intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, morally and spiritually.


A school open to all, whatever their ethnic, social or religious origins, represents a true challenge that requires:

  • respect for the past and freedom of thought of each individual
  • recognition of the specific character of the Lasallian school’s educational and pastoral philosophy;
  • commitment to the success of the project from all the participants – whatever their stage of life.














With and for young people

Lasallian schools: serving young people

Students are at the heart of the Lasallian schools’ organization and priorities:

  • they are welcomed and respected for who they are;
  • efforts are made to get to know each one of them individually;
  • they are helped to get to know themselves better;
  • they are encouraged to participate actively in their own career and/or life choices.

Students are offered support

  • to solve difficult situations by analyzing the causes;
  • to achieve success by assimilating working methods through quality teaching;
  • to boost their learning process through motivational and rewarding teaching methods;
  • to help them integrate and flourish by working closely with the student and their family
  • the school specifically promotes the recruitment of young people from modest backgrounds (opportunities for financial aid)
















Together and by association

Lasallian schools see education as a collective work

They favor teamwork for:

  • better coordination when dealing with the needs of the students;
  • pooling professional and interpersonal skills;
  • the development of a creative, educational spirit;
  • improved interaction and assessment of educational practices;
  • support and solidarity in all situations.

They develop partnerships with:

  • the local and regional education authorities;
  • the social, cultural, economic and church communities;
  • the national and international networks of La Salle educational institutions and training services.














Becoming a Whole Person

Lasallian schools: education through teaching

The school strives to provide the young students with the guidance they need to build their personality:

  • by helping them to develop their ability to exercise judgment;
  • by taking into account the great changes in society including new technologies;
  • by awakening their critical sense and making them aware of their choices regarding modern day values;
  • by developing their sense of personal freedom and autonomy through responsibility and accountability in school life;
  • by fighting against any kind of exclusion or violence by building relationships based on trust and respect.

The school gives each individual the opportunity to build their identity guided by the Lasallian humanist values:

  • by providing appropriate facilities;
  • by a wide range of opportunities: such as the “Commitment and responsibility” program » etc.