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The Energy Department conducts research in Energy Management as well as the efficiency of systems and machines. Faculty and students take part in two types of research:

  • Academic Research
  • Industrial R&D

The academic research is focused on Energy efficiency of systems and machines

  • Energy efficiency modeling (thermal transfer and heat source coupling) of energy conversion systems:
    • Mechanical transmission (Gear box, bearings, reduction gears, etc.)
    • Electrical systems (motors, batteries, fuel cells, etc.)
  • Advanced regulation of energy generating systems:
    • Thermodynamic Machines (heat exchangers, cooling systems, heaters, etc.)
    • Energy storage and distribution systems

Industrial R&D

The industrial R&D services focus on two main areas of activity:

Production, storage and distribution of energy

  • Experimental studies on electrical systems (Electric Motors, variable speed drives, electronic converters)
  • Design and sizing of Motors, components and electrical power networks (Smart Grid)
  • “Renewable” energy collection Installations

Optimization of systems and machine efficiency

  • Modeling of thermal transfers within mechanical and electrical systems.
  • Thermodynamics applied to Thermal Machines and energy storage systems
  • Computer modeling of fluid flow

Examples of work carried out:

  • Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali: Sizing of energy collection systems and storage for a water turbine – Modeling and optimization of its thermal behavior
  • Speed Group: Study of the energy efficiency of strimmer line: electric and aerodynamic analysis
  • Finatech: Energy study of integrated photovoltaic lamps – Modeling of the energy chain (collection, storage, delivery) and the thermal behavior of the lamps.
  • Cysalys: Design of a container to be used to supply energy to autonomous relay antennas for mobile phone networka – design, energy requirement sizing and thermal characteristics of the container.
  • Labo Ampère: Thermal study, in harsh environments, of a power electronics module, within the context of the “more electric aircraft”.