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ECAM Lyon offers the possibility for foreign students to study in a multidisciplinary engineering school, by proposing programs which enable to develop skills in new areas of engineering sciences. Students will be trained in science and hands-on techniques using theory and practice in equal proportions, a valuable addition to the curriculum of their home institution.


Short periods of study are available to international students from our partner universities for a transfer of credits:


  • Semester or year abroad
    (ECAM International, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering or ECAM “Arts & Métiers”, General Engineering)


  • Research Project


  • Dual Degree
    (a fast track degree-awarding program open to students from partner universities)


To learn more about these opportunities, please contact:
Edith Frey, International Director, at or +33 472 77 06 54.


  • Summer Schools


For undergraduate students: IPL Summer School in Science and Engineering – to apply, please follow the following link to the online application form: IPL Summer School


For high school students: Are you looking for an exciting way to spend your summer vacation? The residential program offered at ECAM Lyon, in collaboration with Schlumberger, offers you the unique possibility to learn more about science and engineering, explore the beautiful city of Lyon and the region, and pick up some foreign language skills!


To learn more about our summer school opportunities, please contact:
Lisa Vergara, International Coordinator, at or +33 472 77 06 71.



“I would like this program to continue so I could send my kids to it one day. :)”

“I found this program by chance while browsing through my school’s exchange programs. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made”

“I had a wonderful 5 weeks and loved learning about and experiencing French culture!”


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