ECAM Work and study Program

ECAM specialist Work and Study Programs are designed to help you develop transversal skills, whether scientific, technical, human or managerial.

Our aim is to go beyond training you in economic, industrial, environmental and societal change and help you develop skills to enable you to find your place in an organization, to lead it and develop it.

These two powerful aspects of our alternating work and study programs along with our strong industrial partnerships will allow you to be fully operational immediately and to quickly find a job.

 Successful Educational Programs

The three specialty Work and Study Program offered by ECAM Lyon each aim at developing your ability to make use of a wide range of transversal skills; skills as vital as Applied sciences, Engineering sciences, Human skills and proficiency in English.

Working closely with the business world, the ECAM Work and Study Program programs aim is to train a new generation of engineers for the industries of the future.

3 specialties serving industry:

Industrial and Mechanical Engineering

  • Industrial Organization
  • Mechanics
  • Business Engineer

Management and Maintenance of Energy Generation

  • Energy generation (Thermal, Nuclear, Solar, Wind…)
  • Management and Maintenance

Wood, Construction, Energy and Logistics

  • Knowledge of different wood types
  • Construction
  • Thermal energy
  • Trading and supply chain

Examples of projects and companies:

Industrial and Mechanical Engineering:

  • production engineering: job definitions, implementation of new production procedures, production engineering for new products
  • Production management / Logistics: production management (MRP, KANBAN, CAPM, SMED), installation of an ERP…
  • Maintenance: installation of CMMS, reorganization of spare parts storage, TPM, contracts management
  • Quality, safety, environment: quality management, certification, continuous improvement measures, risk analysis, materials management

Management and Maintenance of Energy Generation:

  • Installation: feasibility and viability studies
  • Project Coordination: installation of machinery on a new site
  • Maintenance: provide curative and preventative maintenance of wind or photovoltaic facilities
  • Quality, safety, environment: provide good practice guide for the improvement of safety on a site, audit and compliance with safety standards


  • Construction: production engineering of forestry products, development of a wood production site, works management
  • Energy: management of energy project, energy optimization, production management
  • Trading and Supply Chain: business management, installation of logistical organization, purchasing.