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The attribution of grants is carried out on a case-by-case basis. Applications for grants must be submitted to the ECAM Lyon Admission Department.

Students will be able to apply for scholarship only after being admitted into the ECAM Engineering Program.

Available scholarships:

  • Merit scholarship* – 5 grants of 2,000 euros
  • IALU Lasallian Network – 10% discount on tuition fees per year

* Deadlines for application: April 14, 2017 and June 16, 2017














  • Students residing in the ECAM Lyon Halls of Residence may apply for housing benefit (ALS), students are informed of the application procedures at the beginning of the school year.


Bank loans:

  • ECAM Lyon is in partnership with several banks to help students obtain bank loans at preferential rates. These loans are repayable after graduation. Studying at ECAM Lyon is an investment; in France, the average gross annual salary for a first post is 35.000€ and 40 000 € internationally. This level of salary allows graduates to rapidly pay back any loans they have taken out.


Mobility Grants:

  • The Rhône Alpes Region facilitates international mobility for students with “Explora’Sup” grants for study periods or work placements. The ECAM Lyon teams provide the students concerned with all the relevant information before their departure abroad.
  • For European placements, an ERASMUS mobility grant may also be available within the context of the Lifelong Learning Program(European exchange program).