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industrial management

The Industrial Management Department R&D services are organized into 4 sectors of activity:

  • Industrial Organization
  • Production Engineering
  • Industrial Innovation
  • R&D in Lean Management


Examples of Research Projects carried out in recent years

Industrial Organization

  • A tool to calculate mechanical machining production costs
  • Improvements to production management of musical instruments
  • Rapid electrode tool change for synthetic material assembly
  • Improvements to a wood pellet production line
  • Analysis of the relocation of an aeronautical equipment factory
  • Implementation of the school factory with visual management, production engineering, logistics


Production Engineering

  • Optimization of a food production line to increase production rate
  • Software for the calculation of heat exchange for bitumen storage
  • Sealing solution for pallets and skips
  • Automation of a blasting machine
  • Automation of a machine for copper plasma deposition on light alloy
  • Improvement in productivity and expansion of range of capability of printing rolls
  • Production of a welding tool for automobile chassis


Industrial Innovation

  • Optimization of vehicle function using TRIZ method
  • Research into innovative solutions for professional hair drying
  • Preliminary draft of a bus of the future
  • Study for new mounting systems for building cladding
  • Research into solutions against counterfeiting of wine
  • Reduction in installation time of Green walls


R&D in Lean Management

  • Exploratory analysis of Lean Engineering applications
  • Relationship between Lean Management and workforce management
  • Creation of educational games in Lean development
  • Identification of training needs and support in Lean Management