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Developing entrepreneurship and innovation

Supporting start-up businesses

Entrepreneurship at ECAM Lyon has been developed along three main axes: TRAINING – INNOVATION – CREATION



The inclusion of management and social science activities is key to the development of ECAM Lyon training programs.

Methods: dynamic educational approach, 3-year programs, informing and training each of the students.



ECAM Lyon promotes an entrepreneurial spirit by encouraging its students to experiment.

Methods: Tailored support, challenges and contests



ECAM Lyon has created a business incubator in order to support the entrepreneurial projects of the students, graduates, young entrepreneur students and experienced innovators.

 Methods: school team activities, private and public partners, school infrastructures, in-school technological centers and laboratories.


Project examples:










Sacha GALLO-PAROUTY and Antonin MATHEZ, ECAM Lyon 2014 Graduate Engineers, are the first 2 entrepreneurs to come out of the dynamic environment of ECAM Lyon. Coached by Pascal BOULON, the ECAM Lyon Entrepreneurship Manager, the duo has demonstrated the school’s ambitions to support students and young graduates in their company start-up projects.

The aim of their start-up company Wuha (pronounced « Ouh-ah ») is to increase the efficiency of digital businesses through a web interface.  This interface makes the search for web-sources easier and quicker as well as indicating the most relevant links.

This young company is the fruit of nearly a year of reflection and work by these two graduates. It was when they were carrying out their internships (one with Colas Inc in the USA and the other with Kurt Salomon in Luxembourg) that they realized it was possible to optimize web searches in companies, where the tools available for guiding users are little used.

 « Google is without doubt the best search engine in the world. But for more specific searches, the first links on the list are not necessarily the most relevant» argue Sacha and Antonin. They are currently finalizing their work on technical solutions by working alongside two final-year, student engineers on a Research and Development project organized by the school.

Full of enthusiasm and energy but also aware of the work that is left to do and the difficulties to be faced in the entrepreneurial world, they are particularly proud to embody the ambitions of ECAM Lyon in terms of entrepreneurship.



Emmanuel GONON and Hervé KLECZEWSKI, ECAM graduate-engineers from 1998 and 1986 respectively have launched WAOUP, the 1st participative « start-up factory » that creates the jobs of tomorrow. It was quite natural for them to associate ECAM Lyon with this innovative, collective, entrepreneurial model.











WAOUP is based around a community of people who pool their talents to create companies and jobs and who enjoy undertaking no-risk innovative projects and then sharing the value created.


In practice, the projects are organized in 3 stages:

          1. Creative workshops to encourage the generation of ideas

          2. Setting-up of project teams to launch the start-ups in an extremely short time frame,

          3. Practical creation of company structures and jobs.

Multidisciplinary teams made up of business experts, job seekers, managers in transition, entrepreneurs, young retirees and students invest their time in exchange for a share of the capital of the companies created.


WAOUP was launched in January 2014 and officially set up in June 2014. Today it benefits from a strong community of 150 talented participants and has already been successful in the launch of company start-ups.


This original idea corresponds particularly closely to the dynamic entrepreneurial spirit ECAM Lyon initiated on-campus as early as 2013. It brings together the values of commitment, sharing, mutual support, taking pleasure in working together and the principle of “giving before receiving”. ECAM Lyon therefore encourages this partnership between the students, staff and network of ECAM engineers with WAOUP according to the skills sought.