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ECAM Advanced master's degree


A high level program in Industrial Risks Management from the human, technical and business perspectives

Risk management is a must for high-potential managers – as a step in a career, or as an in-depth expertise. Industry 4.0 encompasses major moves in high-tech, human relationships, network governance, and risk management. Public policies widely take industrial risks into account. Gap between business specialists and technical specialists must be closed; gap between execution and innovation must be closed too. Thus, the future belongs to a new breed of hybrid multicultural leaders. Training them intensively in versatile fields such as technology, psychology, finance, law, deontology, mathematics, criminology… is the aim of this Master Program. Our principled education insists on demanding values and ethical assertiveness : we train today promising leaders who will have an impact on our society tomorrow, thus these persons must possess a rare blend of altruism and ambition.


Program highlights

  • Risk and crisis management, decision making and negotiation, public policies, business ethics
  • Business, finance, legal, insurance essentials to risk engineering
  • Human and organizational factors, soft skills and leadership
  • Cybersecurity, criminality
  • Ecosystemic safety in networks of enterprises, partnerships and supply chains )
  • Design of complex systems, risk management in projects, mathematics and modelization
  • Continous improvement, operational excellence, knowledge management
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship in safety and security
  • Optional business essentials and/or technology essentials, optional course languages


Information on the course

  • Part-time schedule : one week within school, three weeks within enterprise
  • 420 hours of education
  • 300 hours field projects and research memos
  • Length: 11 months (September 2016 – July 2017)
  • Both academic and operational faculty
  • 100% in English + multilingual skills
  • Optional business/ technology courses
  • Professional career support
  • Location: Lyon/ Toulouse, France
  • Application: Mars to July


Learning methods:

  • Part-time school education and enterprise job
  • Field project (groupwork on real cases)
  • Site visits with dedicated work and follow-up
  • Applied-research memo (business, technology, management)
  • « sandbox-plant », laboratory and documentation center
  • SBusiness cases, role play, seminars, debates, conferences
  • Blended e-learning, tutorials and coaching


Contacts :
Jean-Louis AROSIO, Programs director : / +33 472 770 646
Marie-Laure GILBERT, Information and Administration : / +33 472 770 685

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Lean Management Advanced Master program

Lean Management is a strategy for the continuous improvement in the competitivity of industrial or service organizations. This organizational model takes the form of an operational system (problem solving tools), of a package of managerial practices to support the system and a culture of learning and continuous improvement.

The person within the organization who is responsible for developing this model has the title of Continuous Improvement Manager. The Continuous Improvement Manager must be experienced in creating and improving competitivity within organizations. He or she reports to the Chief Executive. Their role is as a driving force within the company and to question existing company strategies.


The aims of this course

  • To work as a team (development of client satisfaction through learning how to solve problems)
  • To master the foundations and pillars of organizational training: developed in an integral and logical manner (Role of the tools and practices in the installation period)
  • To install a culture of continuous improvement (PDCA and Value Stream) – (1. Strategy – 2. Observation/in the field – 3. Practices/tools – 4. Management)
  • To install a problem solving mentality in the field (standardized work processes, visual management and process stability)
  • To learn how to train the employees to continue the dissemination of good practices (Training Within Industry: Job Methods, Job Relations, Job Instruction)
  • To learn to better understand in order to convince and involve the employees (human development first)


Information on the course

  • Work and study program
  • Length: 11 months (beginning September – end July)
  • Number of training hours: 406 (58 days)
  • Format: 5 days training and 20 days in industry
  • 75 % of the time in industry
  • Teaching methods based on the PDCA approach


Course Recognition:

  • Registered with the RNCP (National Directory of Business Certifications) since January 2015 under the name « Manager of Continuous Improvement »
  • Ranked n° 2 on the 2015 French SMBG List
  • CQPM Certification « Leader – Lean processes» (Joint Qualification Certificate in Metallurgy)


Contacts :
Jean-Louis AROSIO, Programs director : / +33 472 770 646
Marie-Laure GILBERT, Information and Administration : / +33 472 770 685

You wish to apply : please click here and download the application form