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Materials and Structures

The academic research activities of the Materials and Structures department are organized in two main axes:

  • Filled polymers

The research lab has been involved in several industrial projects over the past few years: BioPIM, CARPIM, Plastronics etc.. Part of its activity focuses on the development of feedstocks for the production of metallic or ceramic parts using powder injection molding (PIM). This process uses the different types of injection molding techniques to process a wide range of materials. It demonstrates significant technical as well as cost advantages.

Another project deals with plastronics – a combination of plasturgy, electronics and IT, bringing new functions to polymers such as conductivity.

  • Controlled atmosphere thermochemical processes

ECAM Lyon’s expertise in the field of low-pressure thermochemical processes, whether plasma assisted or not, are linked to cementation, nitridation and carbonitridating. The research work focuses on trials under new atmospheres, the impact on metallurgical and mechanical properties, as well as resistance to corrosion of treated parts. It also focuses on the most suitable treatments of new metals or steel nuances.

Since 2009, major investments have been made in equipment to pursue the development of these programs: a mixer for feedstock preparation, a rheometre to measure their injectability, an injection press, furnaces for sintering and controlled atmosphere, thermochemical treatments, thermogravimetric analysis, a curve detector for X-ray diffraction.