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Professional and linguistic development

Human Skills Department:

professional and linguistic development

Valuable teachings within the general educational program supported by social and community actions


Today, engineers must develop their behavioral skills in order to face the changing world of work i.e. adaptability, analytical ability, interpersonal skills, teamwork, management skills etc.. The purpose of our skills center is to better prepare them for the new forms of business organization. These teachings are directly linked to the values that ECAM Lyon hold dear: care for others, solidarity, commitment and ethical awareness.


The department objectives are to foster personal, professional and managerial development to match the expectations of business worldwide.

In this way, we strengthen the students’ ethical awareness as well as their openness to others and to the world. These principles have long been recognized as the specific added value of ECAM engineers.

Human skills training is an essential part of the ECAM Lyon courses for the development of the students’ analytical skills. It is examined in 3 key areas: the individual/ the individual and society/ the individual and business organizations

Key area 1:  as early as the 3rd year, courses examine the theme of open mindedness, through openness to others and psychology, and through sharing feedback from the students’ experience in industry. In the 4th and 5th years, this theme is continued and progressively oriented to personal development and the development of a life project.

Key area 2: the 3rd year is based on written, oral and digital communication. The years which follow address the skills necessary for any good manager (accounting, HR management, business management, commerce, marketing, law, intercultural management etc..).

Key area 3: the objective here is to develop awareness of different business sectors and trades, also moving onto entrepreneurship, in order to facilitate the construction of a personal professional project and make the search for a first job easier.


Key area 4: In a global context where any future ECAM engineer will have to work with foreign partners and understand different cultural codes, training in languages and exposure to international business are vital. This is achieved through the organization and management of language teaching both on full-time student courses and in alternating work and study programs.


We offer a wide choice of languages. The teaching staff includes language teachers in English, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. Some courses are held in English. A research professor and scientific advisor for international relations also provides academic expertise for these projects.