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The Student Engineers Society (AEI)

The AEI is a non-profit organization and is made up of fifteen active members who act as the link between the school administration and the students. They also support the schools clubs in their activities, organize the festive events that bring all the students together and strengthen the ties with the ECAM Graduate Engineers Society.

Each year, candidates for election present their lists and run “campaigns” to win the student votes.  This year the “AEI Here w’ECAM” is in office and responsible for organizing the ECAM student activities. Here are some of the year’s key events:






















The “Christmas Log”: a pre-Christmas meal when students and staff “compete” by presenting sketches and videos. Quite an event!















Skiing Week-End: combining sport, friendship and parties.




















The AEI is also the link with the associations of ECAM Rennes, ECAM Strasbourg Europe and ECAM EPMI. These associations are planning a group sports weekend together.



The oil company Shell has now been organizing their Shell Eco Marathon for 30 years. It is a challenge defying the best Engineering schools and Universities around the world to achieve one objective: to build a vehicle capable of traveling the longest distance possible on 1 liter of fuel.

This club, which was created in 1996, comprises 20 enthusiastic students from across the whole school and represents ECAM Lyon in the competition. With its prototypes, the club demonstrates the know-how, innovative skills and dedication to sustainable development of the ECAM students.





















Club Afric’edu

The idea for “Afric’Edu” crystallized following the installation of the computer room in the ECAM Lyon student residence. The small group who initiated the project wanted to contribute more and began to look for ideas. And so, Afric’Edu was created in 2000 by Mallory Mayer (Ecam 2002).

At its beginnings, it was just a small, little-known association for ECAM students who wanted to give some of their time to help Africans develop their computer skills. Today, the Association is becoming more widely known amongst the inhabitants and companies of the Rhone-Alps Region and is pursuing its initial objectives with ever-more motivated and increasingly experienced teams.

You can visit Afric’Edu website.



The Robotic Club was resurrected in 2012 by a spontaneous gathering of students hoping to develop a robot fit to participate in the French Robotics Cup. For the 2014/2015 season, the club is composed of 9 members and will be working on a robot to meet the French Robotics Cup specifications.




As every year for more than 20 years, the ECAM engineering undergraduates will be running more than 600 km (3 days and 3 nights) as part of the ECAM 2015 Relay.

The aim of this event is to run a relay race to a coastal town far from the school and to promote a humanitarian organization throughout the race. Almost 300 students participate in the relay every year and by so doing, demonstrate the importance of striving to surpass your limits to serve a good cause.


For this challenge to succeed, the students rely on the support of their sponsors: Lustucru, Herta, Pasquier, Tournaire, Mollard & Thievenaz, Suchier, Mister Tacos, Bordeau Chesnel, Breizh Chrono, Ninkasi, Eti’Class, AEI ECAM Lyon.


The ECAM Lyon students who share the humanitarian values of their school are hoping once again this year to serve others with their good humor and energy. This amazing experience not only promotes generosity but also sporting values and a team spirit. Up to present, the ECAM Relay event is proud to have satisfied 100% of its participants!
































Music Club

The Music club is one of ECAM Lyon’s historic clubs. It gives ECAM music lovers the opportunity to come and relax after a lengthy oral exam or a demanding practical test. Amplifiers, microphones, a piano and drum kit are available to use. The Music Club manages the equipment and makes it available for major events (Relay, Christmas Log etc.) and even performs concerts of all musical styles at parties.


Sports Club

The Sports Club’s aim is to offer students the opportunity to practice as many sports activities as possible. It organizes tournaments with the other higher education establishments in Lyon. It negotiates preferential rates for the student engineers with outside clubs and also manages the on-campus sports facilities at ECAM and ECAM Lyon. Amongst the many activities on offer are: Rock Climbing, Football, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Dance, Gym, Hockey, Martial Arts and Combat Sports.


Ecam sailing

The Club of Freshwater Sailors offers: outings in dinghies and catamarans and also wind-surfing when the weather permits – competition training for match racing (one against one) for those who already have some sailing experience – an introduction to sailing and to sailboat competitions for those wishing to progress – whatever their level.


Flag football

The ECAM Spartans is the Flag Football club of ECAM Lyon. Flag Football is a type of American football, a non-contact, diversity-promoting sport. Tackling is replaced by the removal of a flag. This club was new in 2012/2013 and is already in the regional and national league tables!


Running Team Club

This team gives everyone the means to enjoy sport through the beneficial effects of running. You can also participate in races according to your ability and challenge your friends!

The Ecam Running Team gathers and passes on information to enable students to take part in racing events. Part of their role involves finding interesting events (inter-school challenges, Lyon races etc.) and above all guiding and advising students in their choice of event.

Regular, weekly training times are organized with the specificity of being adapted to the level of the participants.

The Ecam Running Team encourages running as a pleasure and not an obligation. The races are a team sharing experience – everyone is free to find their own training pace.

One team, one name and one logo uniting everyone. Run in the team colors for yourself and for the pride of your school.


The ECAM Aeronautic project club

The aeronautical industry is a rapidly growing sector that is of interest to many young engineers. Therefore, the fact that this industry is present in ECAM is an asset and an opportunity for students looking to forge their careers in this sector. The aeronautical club is a place for the students to share their enthusiasm and put it into practice through multidisciplinary projects.

This year’s projects include:

– a project to create a drone: the objective is to run the project over the period of a year and to organize it in three units: design, electronics and IT.

– a one-day forum to present the aeronautical industry (Speakers from local industry)

– a visit to the Bourget Paris Air Show.





The ECAM Christian Community:

The ECAM Chaplaincy or Christian Community is part of the history of our school. It has grown and developed over the years and now takes the form of a small group of friends from across the whole school (including the preparatory classes) who enjoy meeting to pray, sing, debate, reflect, eat and laugh together. This community is open to everyone – absolutely everyone – whether you are a believer or not, whether Catholic or not – because we believe diversity is enriching!

The ECAM Christian Community exists for and through our students. So if you too would like to join us for some memorable moments, we look forward to welcoming you! The door is always open.


The Cooking Club:

A cooking club was successfully set up at the beginning of the 2012 school year to bring together students and staff who share this passion. They meet over their chopping boards once a fortnight to prepare and enjoy a themed meal together.


The ECAM Oenological Society:

The opportunity to discover the great wines of France for both the intellectual and tasting pleasure of the participants. The club organizes oenological evenings once a fortnight to present a vineyard – its history, “terroir”, its wines and its expertise – followed of course by a tasting session.


The 4L Trophy Team:

Participation in the 4L Trophy: a student-only Adventure Rally in Renault 4L cars through the Moroccan desert. A unique experience combining sporting challenge, total escape and solidarity to deliver sports equipment and school supplies to the poorest children of Morocco.


The ECAM Photo Club:

This club captures all the most powerful moments of student life at ECAM.


The ECAM Bar:

This dynamic club organizes and manages all the activities at the student social centre – the heart of campus life: from quick meals at lunchtime to original, fun evening events.





Don’t forget the Mountaineering club, the Drama club, the Mechanical club and the Student Newspaper, etc.

A total of 23 clubs and societies that liven up your campus every single day!