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industrial management

Industrial Management

The Department carries out teaching and applied research assignments. These assignments are conducted with a transversal and global approach and use all the range of skills of the team.

The Industrial Management Department provides the following courses:


  • Engineering Sciences:

To gain a strong grounding in methods, computer-assisted manufacturing (CAM), mechanical production, metrology, maintenance and reliability of industrial equipment and:

    • Techniques: create and validate a machining sequence for a serie of mechanical parts
    • CAM: create a machining program in the CAM system from a CAD file for a serie of mechanical parts
    • Mechanical production: prepare and adjust a numerically controlled machine tool for the machining of a serie of parts, machine the parts, assess the spread and readjust the machinery.
    • Metrology: to create and execute tridimensional control sequences
    • Maintenance & Reliability: choose a type of maintenance for a given piece of equipment and put it into place, investigate the historical data of a set of machines, carry out a reliability, maintenance and availability study and propose suitable maintenance program, know-how to construct and lead a maintenance project.

  • Economic Sciences:

To gain a strong grounding in product development, industrial organization, Lean Management and supply chain and be able to:

    • Develop new products: install procedures and behaviors for new product development (from conception to industrialization) in a very short time frame, meeting customer needs, in an efficient manner for the company
    • Supply Chain: be aware of the practices and terminology used around the world to manage a supply chain from the beginning of the supply chain to delivery to the customer.

  • Social sciences:

To gain a strong grounding in health in the workplace, HSE and RSE and be capable of:

    • Taking into account health, safety and ergonomics in the development of manufacturing engineering processes