An international experience

International classes

Promotion 2022 of ECAM Engineering program

ECAM Lyon is more than sending students to have international experiences abroad. Our students become global actors the second they start their classes. With over a dozen different nationalities joining our program every year making up almost 20% of our student base, students are exposed to different cultures and points of view every day and become part of an intercultural community. Students are strongly encouraged to share their culture and experiences with their classmates as well as the city of Lyon.

Immersion Stays

The ECAM Engineering program is dedicated to training tomorrow’s global leaders. Part of that training includes bringing students on immersion stays so students are able to experience the culture of where they will be for a part of their studies. Students are encouraged to explore their potential new home as well as become cross-cultural world citizens.

International Mobility

The cornerstone of the ECAM Engineering is the double-degree program with our partner universities in Italy, or in the UK. These partnerships provide students with valuable cultural experience while allowing them to specialize in the field of their choice. Students also have the opportunity to complete their internships outside of France to apply their international knowledge to the workforce. Students are encouraged to broaden their horizons from a multitude of international opportunities while constructing their academic pathway.