Career perspectives

Engineering is considered to be one of the career fields of the future, and as demand for engineers outpaces the supply, engineers can expect to find interesting and dynamic careers in the industry of their choice. ECAM Lyon has strong ties to industry and a reputation of excellence in engineering that our students take with them throughout their lives.

These ECAM Lyon advantages give our students a head-start on their careers as 99% find a job within two months after graduating and almost half are hired before even graduating. Our international focus not only contributes to our students’ development as individuals and global actors, it also makes them more competitive in the global marketplace as nearly one-third of our graduating class is employed outside of France. All of these advantages gives our graduates the tools necessary to compete in today’s economy.

The multidisciplinary nature of the ECAM Engineering program along with the double specialist diploma from one of the outstanding partner universities means that graduates can quickly find their first post and advance to senior positions.