Director’s welcome

 Director of ECAM Lyon - Didier DesplancheFor 115 years now, ECAM Lyon has ensured that the founding Lasallian values of the school are passed on to its students: the values of paying attention to others, respect, solidarity and commitment. This educational approach based on the ethics of work and merit has proven its worth.


ECAM Lyon values work and merit, and expects each student engineer to strive to learn all they need to obtain their ECAM Engineering Diploma. In order to achieve this, the school encourages humility, curiosity and solidarity. If the school is demanding of its students, the reverse is also true: the teaching staff and the school managers are there to listen to and to guide the students. Through their openness and experience, they are able to construct personalized programs with and for the students that will lead to the success and fulfillment of their educational program.

The ECAM International Engineering program is based on the pragmatic and innovative teaching of fundamental scientific principles. This is thanks in particular to the contributions from our well respected partner universities: the Politecnico di Torino (Italy) – leader in the domain of design and Staffordshire University (UK), a longstanding partner of ECAM Lyon.

Innovation has always played an important part in the school’s programs: aware at all times of the needs of the students and the expectations of companies, the school leaders ensure that the equipment available is of high quality and at the cutting edge of technology. They also ensure that the teaching methods develop so that they continue to increase in effectiveness. The school values are also to be found in the Human and Social skills training. Personal and federative activities for social or humanitarian causes are encouraged: they push the students to invest and to excel for the benefit of others.”