The ECAM Graduate Engineer Association

Great schools have great graduate associations…

The ECAM Alumni Association was founded in 1906 and today has 6500 graduate members from ECAM Lyon. 70% of its members are currently working within no less than 1700 companies.

Its role:

  • To promote the value and reputation of the ECAM Lyon diploma and the ECAM brand.
  • To support and develop the ECAM graduate network through Networking events, dynamic web communication, a newsletter and the yearly publication of a directory.
  • To accompany ECAM graduates throughout their careers and help them in times of unemployment or professional transition.
  • To maintain a close relationship with the school and its students/trainees: collecting the apprenticeship tax, sponsorship of class groups entering the “engineer” program, participation in major ECAM Lyon events, active support for the students from the graduate engineers to help build their business networks. It should also be noted that the ECAM Alumni Association is a founding member of the ECAM Foundation.
  • To perform an active and representative role with influential French Engineering and Scientific Institutions.10

A network within a network

The ECAM Alumni Association along with other graduate engineer associations maintains strong cooperative links notably with:

  • the Graduate Engineer Associations of ICAM, INSA Lyon, Centrale Lyon and EM Lyon: pooling of resources particularly for the employment-careers unit.
  • the « Gadzarts » (graduate engineers from the Arts & Métiers school) through professional groups
  • the IESF (Ingénieurs et Scientifiques de France)
  • the C.E.R.L. (Carrefour d’Entraide et de Relations des Lassalliens)
graduation ceremony ecam lyon school of engineering

Graduation ceremony of ECAM Lyon (2016)ECAM