Summer School

ECAM Lyon offers the possibility for foreign students to study in a multidisciplinary engineering school, by proposing programs which enable to develop skills in new areas of engineering sciences. Students will be trained in science and hands-on techniques using theory and practice in equal proportions, a valuable addition to the curriculum of their home institution.


Summer Schools

Summer School Manhattan College 2017

Summer School in Mechanical Engineering with Manhattan College (Lyon, 2017)

ECAM Lyon offers 2 Summer School Programs

1/ The International Summer School in Science and Engineering

It is a unique opportunity to experience life abroad, improve your French and develop your technical and scientific skills. It is aimed at undergraduate students from any university around the world. The program is offered in collaboration with three other engineering schools in Lyon, all partners within the consortium of Institut Polytechnique de Lyon (IPL).

The engineering course offered by ECAM Lyon: A multidisciplinary approach to the subject of Energy and Sustainability

Most of the biggest challenges we will have to face in the future (global warming, increasing scarcity of fossil fuels, the impact of production methods and materials, etc.) are related to the production of energy, its use and consequences. The goal of this course is to teach future engineers the industrial and regulatory context, the technical concepts and tools needed to comprehend these challenges and explore the solutions of tomorrow.

You can download a PDF of the syllabus by clicking on the link.

For more information on how to apply, please go to the IPL website.

2/ Summer School in Mechanical Engineering

Summer School in Mechanical Engineering with visiting professor from Manhattan College, Dr. Bahman Litkouhi.  Combined with French classes, company visits, and cultural excursions, students can sign up for an ABET accredited engineering course for 3 or 4 US credits. This course is open to undergraduate students in Mechanical Engineering.