Fully taught in English

ECAM Lyon is, today, the only school in France to offer a 5-year engineering programme both entirely taught in English and accredited by the CTI (French Commission for Engineering Diplomas). The CTI is an independent organisation that ensures both the academic quality of the courses and their adaptation in the European and International contexts.

At ECAM Lyon, the classes are given by French and International professor-researchers, who are either bilingual or English mother tongue. The year groups themselves confirm this multiculturalism with students from all over the world.

The student-engineers, who are not native English speakers, must demonstrate that they have a B2 language level at least. All students applying for the course must take a written and oral test in English, via the online enrolment platform Easy Recrue.

Other Languages

All classes are taught in English. In addition to English, at the end of the program, students must demonstrate proficiency in 2 other languages : French and 1 other language (Italian, German or Spanish).

With the objective of reaching the minimum proficiency level, students are offered foreign language courses throughout the 5 years.

To facilitate integration in Lyon and France, modules in French culture are also offered.

Throughout their schooling at ECAM Lyon, students whose mother tongue is not French, follow classes in French as a foreign language (FFL). When they arrive at ECAM, their level in French is assessed and they are then split into 3 separate level groups: beginner, intermediary and advanced.

  • Beginner level students: 6h of FFL / week.
  • Intermediate level students: 4h of FFL/ week.
  • Advanced level students: 2h of FFL / week

Please note: beginner and intermediate level FFL students do not take classes in other foreign languages (outside English) in order to be able to concentrate on learning French.

A condition of obtaining the French engineering degree at the end of their ECAM studies, is that students who do not have French as their mother tongue must achieve at least level B2 in the Test of French Skills (Test de Compétences en Français) Diploma