As from their first year, ECAM Lyon students are exposed to the concept of company creation. Over the past few years, the school has been developing this sense of entrepreneurship along three main axes: teaching, support for technological innovation and company creation.  This activity is extremely important in the school and is generating a growing number of young inventors and designers.

In accordance with its values, ECAM Lyon ensures that a humanist dimension is brought to entrepreneurship. This is achieved with personalised support and a dedicated team. Entrepreneurship at ECAM Lyon is open to the outside world and is connected to other networks of creators and designers.

Entrepreneurship in teaching

In all its Engineering courses, ECAM Lyon has developed activities to encourage the initiative and inventiveness of the students and to raise their awareness of business creation.

The « entrepreneurial approach » includes:

  • Compulsory courses in entrepreneurship covering innovation and company management
  • An optional, in-depth module detailing the different stages in the creation of a company. Students are encouraged to pilot a project themselves.
  • In the ‘Léonard’ Projet, in the 4th year of ‘ECAM Arts&Métiers’, the students take part in an innovation and project management case: they work in teams to identify client needs, draw up specifications and propose solutions.
  • The Research and Development project leads the students to work for 6 months on a R&D challenge that has been submitted by a company, a start-up or proposed by a student engineer.
  • The ‘Fest’Innov’:  24h of non-stop innovation: almost 200 students work in teams on innovation cases submitted by companies. This event is a veritable source of ideas and inspiration for businesses, and allows the young students to reveal their creativity. (find out more)

The entrepreneurs’ Fablab

ECAM Lyon has taken steps to support the creation of new activities by students, graduates of the school and entrepreneurs who need the technical means and know-how that are available on campus.

Through the ECAM FACTORY, ECAM Lyon is able to put cutting edge technological equipment and support (technical help, training) at the disposal of entrepreneurs running innovation projects: innovation / design / prototyping / production.

The inspiration behind this facility comes from FabLabs. However, here, it centres on the use of the facilities by professionals for company innovation or company creation projects. ECAM FACTORY provides the know-how and the equipment for design, production and industrial management.

ECAM’s Incubator

ECAM Lyon has created a business incubator in order to support the entrepreneurial projects of the students, graduates, young entrepreneur students and experienced innovators : Tech 360.

Methods: school team activities, private and public partners, school infrastructures, in-school technological centers and laboratories.

Examples of incubated startup :

WUHA : Sacha GALLO-PAROUTY and Antonin MATHEZ, ECAM Lyon 2014 Graduate Engineers, are the first 2 entrepreneurs to come out of the dynamic environment of ECAM Lyon. The aim of their start-up company Wuha (pronounced « Ouh-ah ») is to increase the efficiency of digital businesses through a web interface.  This interface makes the search for web-sources easier and quicker as well as indicating the most relevant links.

This young company is the fruit of nearly a year of reflection and work by these two graduates. It was when they were carrying out their internships (one with Colas Inc in the USA and the other with Kurt Salomon in Luxembourg) that they realized it was possible to optimize web searches in companies, where the tools available for guiding users are little used.

 « Google is without doubt the best search engine in the world. But for more specific searches, the first links on the list are not necessarily the most relevant» argue Sacha and Antonin.

medeo start up entrepreneurship lyon franceMEDEO : Medeo was created by two student entrepreneurs, Rémi-Jean Berger (EM Lyon) and Yacine Remini (ISTP –Mines Saint-Etienne) and joined the ECAM Lyon incubator in 2016. It is developing an interface tool between connected objects in the health sector and information systems used by health professionals. This start-up won the « Innovation » prize at the Campus Creation competition in May 2016.

fasteesh start up FASTEESH : this start-up, created by Benjamin Cohen, is developing a medical device to simplify tooth brushing. Fasteesh won the Lyon start-up competition in December 2016 and was a finalist in the Start-up and handicap competition.

INO-VR : This start-up is the fruit of a partnership between two ECAM graduates: Julien Masse, a student of ECAM Industrial and Mechanical Engineering, and Eric Walch, ECAM Engineer 1973. The aim: to apply virtual reality technology to sectors other than video games and notably to allow people unable to travel to do so at their will.