Edgardo’s Experience at ECAM Lyon

Edgardo already had an international background before starting his studies at ECAM Lyon in 2016. This international background was one of the deciding factors in his choice of ECAM Engineering as the program’s internationalization is one of the best parts of the program for him. Many of the professors are international and he appreciates the presence of Argentinean professors that give him a slightly closer connection to his roots and culture in Mexico.

This international aspect carries over to the internships where he worked in a water treatment plant in Veracruz, Mexico not only with locals, but also with other international students where every day was a mixture of Spanish, English, and French. Over the course of the internship, Edgardo was able to develop his technical and chemical skills as well as auxiliary skills such as management, personal responsibility, and public relations. These skills were put to the test when he was in charge of the plant the day of a surprise inspection by the authorities. Thanks to his training and autonomy, the plant passed the inspection.

This self-reliance is reinforced year-round at ECAM Lyon. Students are treated like professionals and are expected to manage their time.  Edgardo had to quickly learn to take care of his schedule and be autonomous. Professors put learning in the hand of the students and use technology to help adapt the program to each student’s learning style. If students work better from home slides from class are online so they can study how they see fit.

I really learned to take care of my own schedule and be autonomous.

However, thanks to ECAM Lyon’s Lasallian values, students are never alone when they have problems. Edgardo noticed that professors were always available in person after class or in their office or by email and that professors would go out of their way to make time to see students if they were not immediately available. Even the program director went out of her way when Edgardo was having problems and helped him get back on track.

The program’s insistence on international and Lasallian values are a valuable asset in the workforce. Around 28% of ECAM Lyon graduates start their careers outside of France, and thanks to a strong international program, our graduates have experience in cross-cultural exchanges and seeing how different nationalities view issues.

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