Since 1900, ECAM Lyon has many successful graduates. Find out what our students – teachers – … say about their experience here.



Ilias: Engineering Student and High-level Athlete

Augustin Vian, Supply Production Leader at Decathlon in Cambodia

Shruti Chakraborty

My first steps in France

Julien Didier

I will have to think about how my decisions and designs affect those who have to work on them.

Quentin d’Avout

Senior Aerodynamicist at Arrivo

Alexandre Tauziede

Life as an ECAM engineering student isn’t only about classes

Edgardo Hernandez de la Cruz

I really learned to take care of my own schedule and be autonomous

Malik Nassourou Folifack

Engineers need to make sure that technology serves people

Nicolas Mejia

I really thank ECAM for their support and commitment.

Colo-Odi Agbor

Student native of Nigeria