Student Activities

ECAM Lyon benefits from a rich and varied associative life with more than 25 student clubs on campus: humanitarian, technical, cultural, sports, …

A total of 25 clubs and societies that liven up your campus every single day!

The Student Engineers Society (AEI)

The AEI is a non-profit organization and is made up of fifteen active members who act as the link between the school administration and the students. They also support the schools clubs in their activities, organize the festive events that bring all the students together and strengthen the ties with the ECAM Graduate Engineers Society.

AEI Club association ecam lyon france

Each year, candidates for election present their lists and run “campaigns” to win the student votes. Here are some of the year’s key events:

Skiing Week-End: combining sport, friendship and parties.

The AEI is also the link with the associations of ECAM Rennes, ECAM Strasbourg Europe, ECAM EPMI and ECAM Brussels. These associations are planning a group sports weekend together.

Club Eco Marathon Shell
Ecam Relay Club
Robotics Club
Music Club
Sports Club
Running Team Club
The ECAM Aeronautic project club
The ECAM Christian Community
The Cooking Club
The ECAM Oenological Society
The 4L Trophy Team
The ECAM Photo Club
The ECAM Bar