Energy management (production, storage, distribution) and the efficiency of systems and machines are more than ever vital concerns and challenges for industry and individuals alike. Confronted with the possibility of the exhaustion of fossil fuel resources (oil, gas and coal), the importance of reducing energy costs, mastering consumption and using more efficient production tools, is increasing rapidly.

To face these challenges, the ECAM Lyon Energy Pole is developing tools to improve efficiency yields and to optimise the management of alternative sources of energy.

Key Words

  • Mathematical modelling of fluid dynamics
  • Thermodynamics and heat transfers
  • Electrotechnology of machines and networks
  • Energy efficiency

pictos formations_innovantResearch

Within the LabECAM laboratory, the Energy Pole, alongside its industrial partners, is particularly well recognised for its research activities in the field of energy efficiency in the following areas:

  • Energy modelling of mechanical transmissions and specifically of gear transmissions
  • Advanced regulation techniques applied to thermal machines
  • Electrical energy conversion and storage modelling

This teaching and research pole has 10 permanent professors, several of whom are also contributors in international universities (Manhattan College – USA, University of Sherbrooke – Canada, the Pontifical Catholic University – Peru).

pictos formations_expertiseIndustrial services

The Energy Pole offers the following services to industry:

  • Industrial R&D services (6 to 18 months): scientific and technical studies to model the physics of systems and machines in order to help improve their design and functioning.
  • Vocational training sessions (lasting 3 to 5 days) that allow technicians and engineers to update their knowledge of: fluid mechanics, thermal dynamics, heat transfers, and the electrotechnology of networks and machines.

List of department members

Vincent Caillé

Vincent CAILLÉ

Post : Energy Pole Manager –Technical and scientific Advisor – International Division
Studies : PhD in Transient Fluid Flow Dynamics and Acoustics
Key words : Fluid Mechanics, multi-body dynamics, International Relations
International experience : « Guest Professor » from the Mechanical Engineering Department of Manhattan College (NY, USA) since 2009, developing numerous academic partnerships with universities all over the world (responsible for scientific and pedagogical aspects)

Sofiane Djebarri


Post :Teacher – Researcher
Studies : PhD in Electrical Engineering
Key words : Electrical Devices, sustainable energy
Recent publications :

Paul Kreczanik

Paul Kreczanik

Post : Teacher – Researcher
Studies : PhD in Electrical Engineering
Key words : Electric vehicles, Electrical energy storage, Instrumentation, Data acquisition and processing
Recent publications :

Yann Marchesse


Post : Teacher- Researcher
Studies : PhD in Transient Fluid Flow Dynamics and Acoustics
Key words : Fluid mechanics, Acoustics, Digital Method (CFD), Energy efficiency of power transmission.
Recent publications :
International experience : Associate Professor, Engineering Faculty of the University of Sherbrooke (Canada)



Post : Teacher – Researcher
Studies : PhD in Energetics
Key words : Heat transfer, Thermal modelling of electrical motors, Thermal scaling for heating and cooling, Industrial Relations

Alexandre Vaudrey

Alexandre VAUDREY

Post : Teacher- Researcher
Studies : PhD in Energetics
Key words : Energetics, Applied Thermodynamics, Exergy Analysis, Finite Dimensions-Thermodynamics, Internal Combustion Engines
Recent publications :
International experience : Since 2014, Guest Professor – Mechanical Engineering department of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.