Industrial management

The Industrial Management Pole is capable of analysing every aspect of business activity, from a technical, economic, organisational and human (people are at the heart of organisational performance) standpoint. The expertise of this Pole covers the entire product life cycle: analysis of client needs and market expectations, design and production, on-time delivery and the guarantee of a fair price.

The Pole offers solutions encompassing the organisation of work and management systems, industrialisation and the management of supply chain quality. Its expertise has thus become well recognised in the field of Lean Management.

The Industrial Management Pole is continuing to develop along three main axes: global performance (health and performance), organisational learning and Lean management in the development of new products.


In 2016, ECAM Lyon confirmed its status as a pioneering school when, along with 3 other Engineering Schools in France, it obtained ‘BES&ST’ status (Health and Safety at Work Training). This qualification means that all new graduates, who will potentially be managing projects and teams in the future, will be equipped with the basic Health and Safety at Work training they will need.


  • Operational excellence
  • Factories of the Future
  • smart industry
  • supply chain
  • health and safety at work
  • logistics chain
  • productivity
  • risk management

pictos formations_innovantResearch

Since 2005, ECAM Lyon has developed pioneering expertise in Lean Management. The research, carried out by Teacher-Researcher Zahir Messaoudene, covers individual, collective and organisational learning and the paradoxes of organisational change: organisational maturity maps in terms of Lean management deployment indicate the main levers and axes of the action to be taken in order to create an efficient, learning organisation. Several theses are being prepared, in particular covering learning models for sustainability of continuous improvement methods or Global Performance factors including Health factors and the Quality of life at work. More informations

pictos formations_expertiseIndustrial Services

The Industrial Management Pole team runs research and development projects for companies in the following domains:

  • Industrial Organisation
  • Industrial Innovation

List of departments members

Lionel Graissot


Role : Teacher – Researcher
Studies : Engineer: ECAM GIM (2005)
Key words : Mathematics, Applied Statistics, Quality control
International student : Vietnam (USA)

Messaouedene Zahir


Role : Teacher – Researcher
Studies : PhD in Industrial Engineering. DEA Automation and Industrial Computing. Diploma in Automation and Industrial Computing
Key words : Lean Management, Learning Organisation, Continuous Improvement and Organisational Learning, the paradoxes of organisational change
Recent publications : Practical linkages for problem solving and key factors for organisational learning/ Experience from the teaching of Lean Management through organizational learning in French engineering

Jérôme Pocachard


Role : Teacher – Researcher
Studies : ENSAM – Master’s Degree law, economics, operations and quality management
Key words : Supply Chain, Lean Development
International experience : Client and Supplier Management (Netherlands, Italy, Germany, United states, Australia)

Christine Rosati

Christine ROSATI

Role : Teacher – Researcher
Studies : Engineer: ICPI + DEA Macromolecular and composite chemistry
Key words : Quality, Health and Safety at Work, Industrial Organisation