Materials and Structures

Materials and manufacturing processes have always been key to the development of equipment in the aeronautical, automobile and rail industries. The research carried out in this domain has greatly contributed to the progress that has been made in terms of the reliability, resistance, durability and performance of the materials.

The Materials and Structures Pole at ECAM Lyon brings together all the skills that contribute across the board to the different stages of the development of mechanical systems: design, structural analysis and materials science. Teacher-researchers and technician make up the Pole’s multidisciplinary team.


  • Conception
  • Structural analysis
  • Strength of Materials
  • Polymer and Composite Materials
  • Heat treatment
  • Solid Mechanics

pictos formations_innovantResearch

The Materials and Structures Pole research is focused on the study of thermo-mechanical behaviours, functional characteristics and properties of materials, from the digital modelling stage to the process elaboration stage. In the LabECAM, in close collaboration with companies, the research work focuses on:

  • Elaboration processes and functional properties of metals (thermo-chemical treatments; cementation, nitriding, carbonitridation)
  • Elaboration processes and functional properties of polymers and loaded polymers
  • Elaboration processes and functional properties of wood materials
  • Mathematical modelling: advanced modelling and multi-scale approach

pictos formations_expertiseIndustrial services

The Materials and Structures Pole provides companies not only with skills but also with analysis and testing resources. Many areas of expertise are offered, notably in the following fields:

  • Failure analysis (Fracture analysis: determining fracture mode, trigger zones, determination of the probable cause of failure; corrosion study)
  • Material Characterisation (Metallurgical knowledge, Polymer knowledge)
  • Process study
  • Sizing assistance

The tailored, vocational training courses, adapted to the needs of the companies, allow technicians and engineers to update their scientific knowledge in material resistance and discreet vibration systems.

List of department members

Jérôme Alteyrac


Role : Teacher – Researcher
Studies : Engineering Diploma – ‘l’école supérieure du bois’ / PhD in Wood Sciences
Key words : Wood Quality
Recent publications :
International experience : Université Laval (Québec), University of British Columbia (Vancouver), Universidad de Concepcion (Chile)



Role : Technician
Studies : DUT Physical Measurement
Key words : Expertise, physical characteristics, chemical and mechanical properties of materials

Atilla Atli


Role : Teacher – Researcher
Studies : Engineer in Physics (University of Ankara-Turkey), D.E.A. Material and Surface Science (University Lyon 1), PhD in Material Sciences (University Lyon 1)
Key words : Surface science, material properties, loaded polymers, expertise, material durability (degradation and failure: fracturing, corrosion, etc)
Recent publications :
International experience : University of Kyoto-Japan, Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN, Wako-shi)-Japan, University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany)

Philippe Jacquet

Philippe JACQUET

Role : Teacher – Researcher
Studies : DEUG Science and Structure of Materials, Degree, Master’s Degree, DEA in Chemistry-Physics), PhD in Manufacturing Processes, HDR
Key words : Metallurgy, Heat treatments, Cementation, Nitriding, Carbonitridation, Surface Treatments
Recent publications :
International experience : Technical University of Lodz, Sciences & Technicals Faculty of Marrakech, ENSET Rabat

Pierre Lourdin


Role : Manager Materials and Structures Pole
Studies : DUT Mechanical Engineering Master’s Degree in Ceramics and Material Science – DEA Interface Polymers and Amorphous States. PhD Materials Engineering
Key words : Expertise, Fracturing and damage, metallurgy, corrosion
Recent publications :

Jean-Philippe Noyel

Jean-Philippe NOYEL

Role : Teacher – Researcher
Studies : Engineer – ‘Mines de St-Etienne’, Materials and Structures option – PhD in Mechanical Engineering
Key words : Solids Mechanics – digital simulation
Recent publications :

Claire Rigollet


Role : Teacher – Researcher
Studies : INSA Engineer, Material Sciences Department. PhD in Material Sciences
Key words : Metallurgy, Heat treatments, Expertise, Fracturing and Damage, Power injection Moulding
Recent publications :

Sandra Simon

Sandra SIMON

Role : Teacher – Researcher
Studies : Chemical Engineer Diploma (Organic Materials option); PhD Chemistry and Physical Chemistry of Materials
Key words : Polymer Chemistry – Formulation, Manufacturing and Physical and Chemical Characterisation of Polymers – Material Durability
Recent publications :

Alexis Vaucheret


Role : Teacher – Researcher
Studies : General Engineer ECAM 2008 – Research Master in Sciences and Technologies – PhD – ‘Arts et Métiers ParisTech’ – specialising in Mechanical Engineering-Material Science
Key words : Foundry: manufacturing, mathematical modelling and instrumentation of cast parts Metallurgy, mechanical characterisation
Recent publications :

Serge Viala


Role : Teacher – Researcher
Studies: General Engineer ECAM 85
Key words : Vibrations (Monitoring of Machines, Modal analysis), Material Resistance (Simulation)