The ECAM Engineering course is a dual degree program. At the end of the 5 years, students are awarded the   Electrical and Mechanical Engineering degree (Master’s degree level) from ECAM Lyon and a MSc degree in their speciality, in a growth sector, from one of our partner university.

Students can choose their specialty from the following domains:

Robotics & IT
(automation, electronics & programming)

Robotics will radically transform the economy with automation currently affecting almost 20% of jobs worldwide.Transform the world through controls, communication, and digital systems.

Product Design
(eco-conception & industrial design, circular economy)

Design accounts for 80% of production costs and environmental impacts. Become involved in decision-making by considering the environment, quality, costs, and technology.

Energy Efficiency
(sustainable energy)

As countries transition from traditional sources of energy, energy efficiency becomes vital to solve the problems of today and tomorrow. Play an active role in this transition.

Production management
(Lean, supply chain)

Industry expects on-time and cost-effective products. Learn how to manage value chain collaboration to
create customer value and remain competitive.